Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ginger II

I haven't been this obsessed with anything called Ginger since the last Gilligan's Island marathon on Nickelodeon!

This version used my 'real' fabric, a lovely wool suiting I found as a remnant for $11 at Stonemountain. With some careful planning, I was able to cut two skirts since I couldn't decide if I liked the right side or wrong side better!
The light side version, which I shall hereby name Alpha, has a pronounced chevron pattern woven in, which made the cutting way easier for me. I love to go all OCD on stripes! I added some ric rac on the waistband to keep it from looking too corporate and to add some vintagey quirkiness to it.

The waistband facing is leftover from my magical skirt-to-hat experiment earlier this year. I need to hem this thing and then start on the Omega version. That one will really need a pop of some color to liven up the dark heathery grey without limiting what I can wear it with. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It helped immeasurably that I already washed and cut the fabric out, so that when I had a free hour today I could crank this thing out in time to wear tonight!

Here I am in my kitchen wearing my new Peter Pan Gertie blouse and my new wearable muslin Ginger skirt of black twill from Stonemountain. I cut a six, but the waist feels slightly too big. I have some nice grey wool for my 'real' version, coming soon!
One more shot:

The waistband has a fun print inside. Please excuse stray dog hairs! Miss Olive the chihuahua has to sit on my lap at all times, especially when I'm sewing.

New Obsession

So, you all know how I feel about my Peter Pan blouse, but as I wear it ( a lot!) I notice that it rides up in funny ways over the chest and shoulder. I'm always having to tug it down. Since I happened to pick up a Violet blouse pattern at the Colette book signing this past weekend, well, ho hum, it looks like I may have to make one. Or two. I'm thinking the buttons down the front and set-in sleeves, as opposed to kimono style, will address my fitting concerns. Especially since I picked up these fabulous fabrics at Verb for 15% off during the event.

The striped fabric is actually woven in, not just printed on. I'm thinking it needs a pop, like scarlet piping around the collar and my red vintage buttons from my recent haul. The pinwheel-y retro print didn't jump out at me until I saw it on Jesse J's store sample Rooibos and again on Lea's Rooibos. Then, it was obsession. Thankfully I found a bit left on the bolt! I want to do some kind of contrast for the Peter Pan collar, but can't think of what! Not a solid pink (I'm not much of a pink person), maybe ivory? Any ideas? Help a sewist out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Real Live Bloggers

Such a treat last night, not only to see Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns, but to meet some awesome local blogstresses! Above are the charming Laura of Lilacs and Lace on the left, and the lovely Amy of Sew Well on the right. That's me in the middle, feeling a bit like the stepchild at a family reunion. These folks are so talented, and all seem to know each other! I have to say, though, that everyone was so friendly and encouraging that I felt right at home in no time. I really enjoyed meeting Lea in her Rooibos, and Daiyami in her beautiful Chantilly also! Much like knitting get-togethers, before too long we were all admiring garments, inquiring about fiber content and construction, and leaving full of inspiration, resolution, and with an undoubtedly lighter wallet.

Here's Sarai, in her own Lily dress pattern, and me in my Simplicity 2588. She graciously signed my book and listened to me ramble. I managed to score one of the coveted Anise coat patterns before they sold out, as well as the Violet top I'd had my eye on.
I was happy to find the last Juniper pattern for Erin (Miss Crayola Creepy) while we were waiting in line, I can't wait to see what she does with them!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Gertie Blouse

So, the very second I saw this fabric in a remnant bin at Stonemountain & Daughter, I knew something cool needed to be made out of it. But what?! It was under two yards and nothing jumped to mind. If you're a recovering hoarder, stop reading now, because I bought it anyway, and held onto it for months because I knew the right thing would come along. Behold! The bow tie blouse of Gertie's was the perfect  pattern!

This is the Peter Pan collar option from her new book. It came together so quickly that I now love it and want to make a dozen more. Oh, and it looks purty darn cute too, if I do say so myself. I just need to make a Ginger skirt in black to complete the outfit.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Hemming of the Two

So I had an almost-completed Butterick 6582 hanging in the closet - just hanging there! - that needed hemming. It was one of those ‘hang it for 24 hours prior to hemming’ things that just got lost in the no man’s land that is my closet. Also, hand-stitching the humongous full skirt - hello!

But lo and behold, this weekend I whipped up a Vogue 8728 in a lazy afternoon and hemmed both of those suckers before dinner! Ah, the rush of industriousness and virtue! Of course, my kids watched two movies and fed themselves, but hey, I chalk it up to personal sanity time.

Let me just add that I’m not nuts about the 8728. I’ve worn it a few times to try and ascertain why it fails to rock my world. Perhaps I need to make it out of my trusty standby, cotton, instead of the silky slinky stuff I found on sale at JoAnn’s? The side zipper always catches my delicate waist-parts also, when I zip it up too quickly. Ouchies!

The B6582 is lovely and received several compliments, however. I made it in a mini-gingham red and ivory that I found at the thrift store for about $3. That’s the only way those circle-skirt vintage patterns are affordable to make, I tell you! Who can buy 6 yards of fabric these days?! Next time I make it - and there WILL be a next time - I need to drop the neckline a bit. It’s very Mad Men and all, but the girls need some air.
Next up, the Bow Tie Blouse from Gertie’s New Book. Sigh. I just love her. I’m going to draft the Peter Pan collar, per her instructions, instead of the bow. Nothing against the pattern, but I don’t do bows. They remind me of a Working Girl-era Melanie Griffith.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mysterious Button Society

So there's this button store in my town. It's a little hole in the wall, and the sign out front simply says 'Buttons'. It has piqued many an interest and has been blogged about by others quite a bit.

Finally, I found it open and went on an adventure!

This was the tip of the iceberg, let me just say. There are drawers upon drawers of buttons in this place with only a rudimentary nod to organization. If you venture in, know that they're only open about four hours a week and take cash only. Prepare to be there for awhile, and enjoy your chat with Mary, the owner. She's a peach.