Thursday, April 22, 2010

Although I'd primarily intended this blog to document some fun costuming processes, I figure I can show off other stuff I make too. Here's a tank I finished knitting recently. I added some ribbon for sexy straps. Thinking I should probably wear something under it also...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making a creepy-ass doll

This opera, Tender Land, also needed a weathered old rag doll, male, for one of the principal characters. I made this one using coffee-stained muslin and antique thread from the 1930s. It had to look dirty, and have clothing the child could put on and remove. I also embroidered the face, since in all likelihood the characters wouldn't have had two spare buttons for eyes.

How to make your denim look like shit

So, I was lucky enough to source out some overalls that fit the singer and were appropriate for the 1930s, but they were all bright and shiny, and the character was a poor, unwashed Midwest Dustbowl farmer. Out with the power tools! A few hours strategically power sanding and wire-brushing, and the denim, although not faded, did appear a bit more broken in.
Also, I got to have fun with tea-staining garments, for that sepia tone effect.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tech Week Prep

A big day today, I'm reviewing each of 34 costumes on a detailed individual basis for Saturday's premiere of The Tender Land for Berkeley Opera. I'm tea staining fabrics to the correct dingy hue, using power tools to wear down logical pressure points of clothing, and distressing leather shoes. Photos to come!