Monday, June 28, 2010

for your listening pleasure

Diving into the research and costume plot portion of my newest gig as costume designer for YMTC's production of Anything Goes, opening October 15th. This is my second show this year set in the 1930s and I'm really grateful to be able to put on the ritz for this one (see previous efforts at destroying clothing for Great Depression-era opera!).
Concurrently, I'm costuming Legend of the Ring for Berkeley Opera. This one opens end of July and is a bit intimidating! It's a condensed version of Wagner's Ring Cycle. Instead of taking three consecutive nights to tell the story, this version gets it done in one night's worth of intense opera. The singers are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to start rehearsals.

So - Legend of the Ring is July/August, Anything Goes is October, and Xerxes is November. Oh lord, I must be crazy...

In the meantime, enjoy!