Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Anything Goes Costumes, round 2

Some try-on photos for Moonface Martin's sharkskin suit, Lord Evelyn's authentic vintage straw boater and plus fours. This is a show for Youth Musical Theater Company, performing at the Julia Morgan Theater in Oakland. I haven't worked with high school students before, but I have to say that these guys are awesome and super professional!

Anything Goes

Some prospective costumes for the amazing cast of AG, opening on October 15th ( my birthday!) at the Julia Morgan Theater in Berkeley.

On the left, top to bottom, are Elisha Whitney, Reno in her traveling outfit, Reno in her seduce-Evelyn outfit, and Hope in her wedding dress at the bottom.
Center top is Hope in her DeLovely de-gorgeous gown.
To the right is another possibility for Whitney, Jean & Luc, and Reno in her nightclub outfit for the opening bar scene.

Sunday, September 5, 2010