Friday, March 1, 2013

Vintage Patterns Galore!

It was my lucky day when I heard that an accomplished local seamstress was downsizing her pattern stash, and wanted to give away her boxes and boxes of meticulously preserved patterns. Once again Susannah and I piled into my trusty old car and headed on the freeway, off on a sewing adventure!

When we arrived we met Elliot, who was handling the distribution of his cousin's amazing collection. I hope he realizes what a gift he is giving the sewing community by not just tossing these envelopes out! Susannah and I dove right in to all the neatly organized boxes not knowing what we'd find, but with anticipation and enthusiasm.

And behold, we found gorgeous patterns from the 60s, and even one or two from the 50s, and marveled at the elegance of a bygone age in our country's history. People were just so suave in their dress in those days! No one shlomped around in nasty sweatpants and bedroom slippers. No one's bra straps were bedazzled and no one's pants sagged. Folks presented themselves in a way designed to evoke respect and a sense of decorum.

Anyway, it was a fantastic experience and I can't wait to get started reproducing these lovely items, whereupon I shall swoon about pretending I'm Babe Paley trading bons mots with Truman Capote. Here are some photos of a few patterns, but I literally have two cardboard boxes full of patterns from today!