Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garment District!

Sorry it's so blurry - I'm still shaky from walking EIGHTY THOUSAND FREAKING MILES today through Midtown Manhattan! Oh my gosh, I just love it here so much! Didn't stop to eat or drink all day because I just want to spend all my time walking around looking at things, people, stores, etc. My haul, above, was purchased based on weight, as in, not much so I could carry it for hours. I scored three feet for my machine from what has to be the world's best sewing-machine-foot-only store. Buttons were purchased for a trench coat from a button-only store.

Also, while in town, I got to reconnect with SO MANY old friends!
Like Dave, whom I haven't seen since high school.
And one of my oldest friends, Sean! He is a world traveler and has also started his own NY-based walking tour company, the Gothamologist. I'd take his tour any day - he has an eye for adventure and an ear for unusual stories and urban legends.

I also got to hang with Jeff, another good friend from high school days. He now teaches at the Waldorf School in Manhattan and does a bit of spinning, knitting and sewing of his own!

All in all, a fabulous vacation. I'd move to Manhattan any day!

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