Monday, January 28, 2013

Apron Class

Well, a long-held dream of mine finally came true as I taught my first sewing class yesterday! I've always hoped to have a space to teach others the fascination with needle and thread, and although using my dining room isn't a long term solution (read: kicked my family out of the house for four hours!), it was a fantastic start.

Here are a few shots of my setup - sample garments to be perused, sewing books and magazines, vintage patterns, and Matilda the dress form proudly modeling the class project. Pity I didn't get a photo of the goodie bags, as they were pretty dang cute if I do say so myself. Each student had a commercial pattern, sample fabrics and pins of different sizes, freezer paper squares, and an eight page booklet I made specially for the class.

Look at them working away. So cute! Everyone had different levels of experience coming into the class, and I think everyone picked up at least one new skill by the time they left, plus they had completed (most of them!) an adorable apron. And look at the fabrics they picked out! Do these ladies have great taste or what?!

I have another class coming up on March 3rd, which will focus more on household sewing. You know, curtains, hemming pants, making pillows and the like. Now to dream up a fun class project!

Also, in other news, my bestie Susannah and I are heading to Carmel on Friday to have the experience of a lifetime! We scored the last two spots at the Asilomar Sewing weekend with Gretchen 'Gertie' Hirsch and Heather Ross! As a longtime fan/stalker of Gertie's, I can't believe this is really happening, but I'm trying to overcome the heart palpitations and instead focus on packing an awesome project so I can utilize my time with these sewing goddesses to the fullest. Plus, I'm making a fabulous blouse from Gertie's book to wear while I'm there. Is it creepy to ask her to sign it?!

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  1. How fun!! If I lived any closer I would have definitely taken your class. What a fun way to meet new people with the same interests!

    Please take lots of photos while you are in Carmel!