Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ginger II

I haven't been this obsessed with anything called Ginger since the last Gilligan's Island marathon on Nickelodeon!

This version used my 'real' fabric, a lovely wool suiting I found as a remnant for $11 at Stonemountain. With some careful planning, I was able to cut two skirts since I couldn't decide if I liked the right side or wrong side better!
The light side version, which I shall hereby name Alpha, has a pronounced chevron pattern woven in, which made the cutting way easier for me. I love to go all OCD on stripes! I added some ric rac on the waistband to keep it from looking too corporate and to add some vintagey quirkiness to it.

The waistband facing is leftover from my magical skirt-to-hat experiment earlier this year. I need to hem this thing and then start on the Omega version. That one will really need a pop of some color to liven up the dark heathery grey without limiting what I can wear it with. Any suggestions?


  1. You are the queen of trims! I just love all of your piping and rick-rack additions - they make everything so much more special! Can't wait to see the finished skirt(s)!