Tuesday, September 25, 2012


It helped immeasurably that I already washed and cut the fabric out, so that when I had a free hour today I could crank this thing out in time to wear tonight!

Here I am in my kitchen wearing my new Peter Pan Gertie blouse and my new wearable muslin Ginger skirt of black twill from Stonemountain. I cut a six, but the waist feels slightly too big. I have some nice grey wool for my 'real' version, coming soon!
One more shot:

The waistband has a fun print inside. Please excuse stray dog hairs! Miss Olive the chihuahua has to sit on my lap at all times, especially when I'm sewing.


  1. You made that in an hour!?!??! You are quick! And the whole outfit is sooo cute!

  2. Thanks! To clarify, all the pieces were cut out and interfaced already, so I only had like 6 seams and a zipper to sew. Stitching the waistband facing down took another 20 minutes. It had to go fast, since I had somewhere to be and needed to be wearing this skirt! :-)

  3. I am so IMPRESSED with how your ric rac lines up perfectly on the zipper! Cute idea to use a different print waistband facing too!