Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Hemming of the Two

So I had an almost-completed Butterick 6582 hanging in the closet - just hanging there! - that needed hemming. It was one of those ‘hang it for 24 hours prior to hemming’ things that just got lost in the no man’s land that is my closet. Also, hand-stitching the humongous full skirt - hello!

But lo and behold, this weekend I whipped up a Vogue 8728 in a lazy afternoon and hemmed both of those suckers before dinner! Ah, the rush of industriousness and virtue! Of course, my kids watched two movies and fed themselves, but hey, I chalk it up to personal sanity time.

Let me just add that I’m not nuts about the 8728. I’ve worn it a few times to try and ascertain why it fails to rock my world. Perhaps I need to make it out of my trusty standby, cotton, instead of the silky slinky stuff I found on sale at JoAnn’s? The side zipper always catches my delicate waist-parts also, when I zip it up too quickly. Ouchies!

The B6582 is lovely and received several compliments, however. I made it in a mini-gingham red and ivory that I found at the thrift store for about $3. That’s the only way those circle-skirt vintage patterns are affordable to make, I tell you! Who can buy 6 yards of fabric these days?! Next time I make it - and there WILL be a next time - I need to drop the neckline a bit. It’s very Mad Men and all, but the girls need some air.
Next up, the Bow Tie Blouse from Gertie’s New Book. Sigh. I just love her. I’m going to draft the Peter Pan collar, per her instructions, instead of the bow. Nothing against the pattern, but I don’t do bows. They remind me of a Working Girl-era Melanie Griffith.


  1. hahah ok, for sure we have the same taste in fabric!!! We are meant to be friends :)